Monday, December 15, 2008

Final Post

For my final post I decided to go over everything that I have learned through the course of this class and the research I have done through my blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and the many discussions we have had but beyond that I have learned a lot by keeping this blog. This was a new experience for me, I have never been a blogger before this but I have taken a liking to it and I have found it a very useful place to get information about many different topics particularly different opinions.
Through my blog I learned so much about women and the different struggles they have to go through in the workforce. I enjoyed taking a look at the different aspects of the workplace and not just focusing on the typical office setting. I was able to expand my research to areas that I had never thought of before this assignment. I did research on the WNBA, NASCAR, the Olympics, the military, and many different women icons/ role models. Some of the most shocking information I found had to do with the military because I view that as a government run agency that should be free of corruption and crime although it seems to be laced with it. The many different stories I read of different kinds of abuse against women that happen frequently and just the unfairness that goes on was appalling. The particular story about PVC Brown was incredibly disheartening and leads me to believe there are many more cases just like hers out there. I hope that the media will catch on to this problem and somehow the military will be cracked open and the corruption will cease.
Overall, I have really enjoyed my time in the class and my time researching and writing my blog. This has heightened my awareness of women’s issues in the workforce and I will keep my eye out for more research and news in the media.

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